At YOURGANIC, we believe it’s possible to live comfortably without sacrificing your health, your time, and our planet (fauna, flora and resources).

We started YOURGANIC to approach 2 main topics.

Contribute to the education and information regarding:
  • The usage of plastic (the difference between single-use and reusable plastic).
  • What an organic, low waste and low impact product should be like, regarding its carbon footprint, package materials and ingredients, its meaning and how you identify greenwashing, i.e., initiatives by companies using claims and keywords such as ‘green’ and “eco-friendly”, to make customers believe in their allegations and labels.
  • Product tendencies and how they improve your day without sacrificing performance, your health and time, animals, and our planet’s resources.
Promote a sustainable lifestyle in a fun, light and joyful way:
  • Why are sustainable product packages mostly nature colours. We get the picture but why can’t they look sexy and appealing? You know, like normal Beauty & Homecare products. We bring you color, music, energy!
  • Why sustainable brands focus on the problem exclusively, and not the brighter side of the problem? People are already transitioning and engaging into more sustainable daily habits. We believe in positive reinforcement, like having a party and inviting all people in. Bottom line, we don't have that approach on our content.

We envision a world where we use daily products harmless to our bodies, our animals and specially, with very low impact on our planet’s resources.



By boosting your transition into a sustainable lifestyle:
  • Fostering conscious consumption. Helping you reshape your daily habits. You can also take stands daily with your purchases and (we endorse sustainable and humanitarian brands and, subsquently, the causes they support).
  • Spreading the idea that it’s possible to live comfortably without sacrificing performance, your body and time, animals, and our planet’s resources.
  • Educating you on how to recognize truly sustainable products (the ones that meet our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs) from corporations' random shameful claims on social media and other platforms (greenwashing).
By focusing on consumable products only:
  • According to the "buy less and value what you have a little bit more" philsophy, the most sustainable thing out there is what you already have. We will not encourage you to buy stuff you don’t actually need nor before you need it.
  • We prefer to help you on your transition by providing consumables only, the ones that end up in landfills or not recycled. So, only once you’ve finished your current liquid shampoo bottle, you’re ready to change to soap bars. You will never see Yourganic selling reusable water bottles as they are plenty of brands doing it already. Most people already have one. So, according to this principle, the world doesnt need another online shop promoting reusable water bottles.
By presenting you with funny content
  • We do it by spicing up our content, especially on social media, where we engage with our community more frequently. We try to make you laugh and to see our future with an optimistic view. I mean, we laugh quite often about our Marketing colleagues’ initiatives ;)

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