While flying, a submarine stopped at a traffic light. It had a flat tire. To make matters worse, we lost our dog's house.

Yap... that crazy.

The truth was not that far from this: the year was 2021 and the ocean was literally on fire in the Gulf of Mexico, the mountains in Japan were falling in landslides, Germany floods were partially caused by the fires in California and the world recovers from the worst pandemic of the last century.

Change is needed and we knew we could do something. We all can! The changes we can make at home, how small they may be, can be a big step in the transition to a more sustainable planet. Living with more quality and less quantity. Enjoy what nature brings us best.
After all, luxury is an experience.

That's why we exist.
We believe it’s possible to live comfortably without sacrificing your health, your time, and our planet (fauna, flora and resources). 

We created an ecosystem of brands that exist to make the world a better place for future generations, not compromising our current needs. 

We bring you access to sustainable products and resources, chosen by us after an extensive due diligence process, maximixing your benefit while reducing their impact on our planet’s, based on:

  • Natural ingredients and absence of synthetic chemicals
  • Zero tolerance policy regarding animal-cruelty for both ingredients and final product.
  • Package materials and their destination after being thrown away.
  • Interest in helping humanitarian causes
  • Weight and place of production, regarding shipping carbon footprint (from factory to your home)

The outcome was a product range of 100% natural, with no synthetic chemicals, cruelty-free, and intend to reduce our single-use plastic consumption, whether they are low-waste, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.

Read about the 6 Principles that guide us.

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