Father's Day: Didn't find the gift yet? We can help...

You have the best Dad in the World, and he deserves the best gifts! Father's Day is coming, but you haven't figured out what you're offering… A pair of socks? Very Christmassy. A tie? Very formal. A bottle of wine? How tasteless! Special and modern as he is, get him organic products for men. Why not? This year, prepare something different and take the opportunity to set your father to be part of the group of consumers who care about the environment.


5 Organic Products for Men suggestions

Gone are the days when skin care was just for women! Today, men care about their body's health, and they actively look for solutions for their daily routine. And this is where organic products for men come in which, in addition to respecting the environment, are very easy to use and contain hydrating and antioxidant substances that promote and stimulate the skin's natural functions.

Find below the products that will make your dad look younger and sexy!

  1. Beard Washing Natural Soap

    If your dad has a grown beard, he will be jumping for joy after this smooth and foamy experience with our solid soap for beard washing with 100% natural ingredients. In addition to activating the soft face, the solid soap fights irritations, inflammations, and infections in the skin, thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

  2. Purifying Natural Body Soap

    Does your dad think magic potions are served in a liquid state? Show him that he is wrong, offering him a purifying natural body soap, capable of removing impurities and oils, restoring luminosity, uniformity, and skin smoothness. It is 100% natural, contains charcoal which promotes a detox effect, removing toxins and pollutants, and pine which helps on overall skin maintenance but keeps it clean and young and smelling wonderfully.

  3. Charcoal Natural toothpaste

    Is there anything better than seeing your father grinning from ear to ear? With this super whitening activated charcoal toothpaste which reduces tooth discoloration, it will leave your dad’s teeth super clean… and super white! On top of this, it has 100% natural ingredients like sea buckthorn and chamomile which protect teeth, and mint provides a feeling of freshness. Ready for a selfie session?
  4. Bamboo toothbrush

    Since we are talking about toothpaste, let's talk about brushes too! The plastic toothbrush is long gone! - The bamboo toothbrush presents the toothbrush in depth that promotes without aggression, has antibacterial properties, and presents itself as a more sustainable option with less impact on the planet, as it is 96% biodegradable!

  5. Gentleman's Essentials Set

    Are you so excited about our picks for Father's Day gifts that you feel like giving a bit of everything? Go for it! We have a sustainable gift set full of organic products for men: a purifying natural body soap, a dry hair natural soap, a charcoal toothpaste, a bamboo toothbrush, and a spice wood fresh and sophisticated natural scent candle! The Essential Set for Dad, the Most Special Friend on the Planet!

As you showed your interest on this subject, which is important to us, we thought of presenting you with a promotion code, so you can use it on your first order. Use the following code YG-BLOG15 at the Checkout. Check our organic products' range on our website.

We thank you for helping our small business and for helping the Planet by choosing a more sustainable lifestyle.

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