How to become a sustainable traveller?

The definition of sustainable travel is really very simple: it means minimise your negative impact and maximise your positive impact, while travelling and still having a blast! There are three main dimensions influentiating this concept:

  1. Environment
    Part of being a responsible traveller focuses on reducing our negative impact on the planet. This means lowering our carbon footprint by choosing greener modes of transport, such as enjoying a night train instead of flying. We can also lessen our impact by carrying reusable items to lower how much we send to landfills.

  2. Social 
    Secondly, we need to think about our impact on local people and communities. Whether we’re at home or on the go, we can be more sustainable by shopping, bying and enjoying ourselves with the help of local products and services, which will even help us to better understand the local culture.
    We can also contribute to NGOs or community tourism projects. This could be a financial contribution or you could look for opportunities to volunteer abroad. Make sure any volunteering is truly beneficial to the community and not just “voluntourism”!

  3. Economic

    Thirdly, we need to think about how we spend our money on-the-go. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, of each US$100 spent on a vacation tour by a tourist from a developed country, only around US$ 5 actually stays in a developing-country destination's economy, the ones that could really use the income from tourism to improve the lives of local people!

Every penny that we spend is a vote for the sort of world we want to live in. Supporting local businesses also positively impacts the economy of your destination. 

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We thank you for helping our small business and for helping the planet by choosing a more sustainable lifestyle.

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